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Shopping Money Wife Gives Advice To Those Who Are Bitter On How To Keep A Relationship Happy

Shopping makes women happy, but not the men. It would be such a dream come true if the ladies’ counterparts would generously provide them with shopping money, right? This is exactly what happened to this lucky wife who went viral for boasting about her husband’s generosity.

Namieh’s husband was set to meet his friends for a reunion that she was invited herself. But since she knew that reunions are meant to reminisce about old memories with old pals, which she did not have anything to do with, she chose not to go. She gracefully declined her husband’s invitation and allowed him to enjoy the night.

To his gratefulness, he gave her a huge amount of money for her shopping spree and included an SM Prestige Advantage Card, which she can use to enter an exclusive lounge at the mall and be served with snacks and hot coffee for free. From this act alone, we can already see how much he loves her, right?

Money 1

Namieh posted a photo of the cash together with the card and praised her husband online– and everyone’s jealous about it. Comments from the viral post are from girls who wished their significant others were as rich and generous as the man in the article. However, some turned their women’s instinct on and said that he probably is hiding something from her.

Could his husband be cheating on her? Or could this be an organic result of a happy life?

It can’t be avoided, bashing is everywhere. But this lady is too happy to fight back. So she shares some tips on how they kept their marriage happy for the past 5 years.

Money 3
  • Respect your differences
  • Be appreciative of your partner
  • Don’t end the day without talking about your problems
  • Date him/her
  • Make him/her happy
  • Don’t lie
  • Take time
  • Fight for your love
  • Feed her
  • Set your priorities

Hopefully, these tips will bring life to the bitter ones and just be happy for other people instead of saying negative things about a positive event.

Read her whole post here:

Money 2

👉🏻Me, Being inlove and Staying inlove even if you’re married for a long time. 

I admit, At the early stage of marriage Life is easy living with a partner, with his sweet treatment, a day full of hugs and kisses, I love you’s and even surprises (bagong kasal feels = fairytale Happy ever after) 💓 Sabi nila ganun nga lang daw sa “umpisa” because eventually, you’ll get to know more of your partner everyday and sometimes the things that he does will turn you off, And you’ll get used to everything and that makes it Boring. 😅But you can do something to change that “almost Boring relationship to Happily married” 

For the last 5 years, I am happily married with my Husband. 💓 Lahat siguro ng nakakakilala sakin alam yun 😂 Ganun kasi ako ka-proud sa relasyon na meron kami.  Sabi nila pag maraming nakakaalam ng relasyon nyo maraming nakikialam pero para sakin yung mga “nangingialam” hindi dapat ineentertain kasi yung pangingialam nila makakapasok lang naman yun kung pagtutuunan mo ng pansin.  So back to “How to save your marriage and Live a Happy life” tayo. 😂

I am not a perfect wife, I don’t cook all the time, I can’t do all the household chores but my Husband never talked negatively to me about it. Kapag kaya niya ginagawa nya tulungan lang kaya no. 1 yan, Respect your differences at kung ano yung negative sa partner mo at positive attitude mo punan mo.m hindi porket babae sya eh siya lang gagawa ng trabahong bahay.

2. Be appreciative, learn to Compliment your partner. Be vocal. Hindi lahat ng gusto mo at iniisip mo eh naiisip nya lalo na kung di naman sya mentalist. Communication is a must. 😂

3. Kapag nagkamali, natural na magalit. Hayaan mo na magalit sya pero wag hayaan na bago matulog eh hindi kayo magkaayos.

4. Man, If you can date her (it’s a must though) Do it. Iba pa din kapag may bonding moment kayo. Take her to salon, give her me time hindi puro pag-aalaga sa bata at sayo. Kung sa trabaho nga may sick leave at break time diba? Di naman siguro mahirap yung isang beses sa isang linggong off? 😅💓

5. Kung gusto mo magmukhang dalaga yung asawa mo make her happy kasi nakikita yan sa mata ng tao at nakakabata tignan. 

6. Don’t lie to her. Because TRUST is one of the main key in a relationship mahirap pag nawala yan.
Remember: “A real man only lies to his woman when he’s surprising her” 💓

7. Take time. Live every moment. 
🎼Im gonna love you, Like Im gonna lose you.

8. Darating sa punto na magaaway kayo, ang totoong nagmamahal kahit nasasaktan lumalaban. Lahat ng tao may problema ang kailangan lang solusyon hindi panggagatong.

9. Feed her. Importante to lalo na sa babae nakakabeastmode kapag gutom eh 😂

10. Set your priorities, Make fun of each other. Bond more often, Get intimate. 

Sorry na kung taglish ✌🏻 Pagkagising ko yan naisip ko eh. 😂😂😂 Im not a Love expert, yung mga sinabi ko yan kasi kami. 😂
Goodmorning for me! I love you Hon Winnie Matriz 💓

Photos attached: Wedding Anniversary Surprise 💓

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Radio Presenter Reveals Discovery of Daughter Still Texting Her Late Grandpa




Different people have different ways of coping with death, and many do it by ‘talking’ to their dead loved ones even though they know they would no longer get a response. But any don’t think that children cope in this manner, and some even say that kids aren’t as affected with death as adults.

British radio presenter James O’Brien discovered recently that his daughter has been sending text messages to his late dad who actually died 5 years ago!

Photo credit: Inquirer

According to O’Brien, his daughter was still ‘very young’ when her grandfather died; thus, the radio presenter didn’t think he held a lot of impact on the girl’s life or that his death would greatly affect her.

Sometime after his dad died, O’Brien gave his old phone to his daughter. She used it mostly to just play games as the phone didn’t have a sim card with credits from a telecommunication company.

My youngest has had my old phone for a couple of years. Just for games, which I download for her before disconnecting the internet. Still has my old contacts though [and] it turns out she’s been messaging my dad, who died 5 years ago. I may have something in my eye,” O’Brien wrote, as he shared a photo of the text messages.

Photo credit: Inquirer

The photo went viral, with many people saying they also did something similar when trying to deal with the death of a loved one.

That’s so lovely. About two weeks after my Dad died, my four [year] old picked up our phone and had a hushed pretend conversation, then put the phone down and announced, ‘That was Grandad. He isn’t very happy in heaven and he wants to come back!’” wrote another parent, Rachel McCoubrie (@McCoubrieRachel).

What do you think of this little girl and her text messages to grandpa? Cute, right?

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Witty Online Seller Wins People’s Hearts With Her Funny Buyer-Seller Conversations




Putting up an online store can be very scary. What if the people don’t like your products? What if there are no repeat orders? What if you can’t grow your following and a lot more what ifs.

But one thing is certain, if you put up a shop, you have to get customers. The method that you use to entice your customer will determine whether they will be curious enough or sold with what you show them.

One “online shop” in the Philippines became viral and is definitely winning the uniqueness game as buyers and page likers flock her page. As of now the page already has more than 100,000 followers.

All this because of the way the online shop brings a twist to online selling.


Normally, online store sellers try their best to be nice to their buyers even to the point of kneeling and begging just so the seller will buy. But then, what makes them different from other sellers? Nothing, they are just like them.

Anna’s Online Store made sure that she is not like the rest of them. With her witty replies and reactions to her buyers, people quickly grew fond of her.



Sounds rude? No, that’s just the way she handles things. The way she delivers her honesty and frankness to the clients made them love her more.

I mean, come on, who would not be entertained by a buyer who answers like this to buyers?

Take this buyer who suggested items for the seller.


What about a kind of seller that tells you that you can’t order any more from her?


When this buyer saw his conversation with Anna posted on the page, he commented and this is where the seller made it clear that she was serious.


Speaking of the devil, (devil comment, not Anna, peace Anna!)

This is by far my favorite one on the page. When I read this I nearly spat out what I was drinking.

(Thank God I didn’t, RIP to my nose if that happened.)


Imagine being called a devil just because you wanted to order again. LOL Anna, you just made our day.

This just goes to show that Anna is by far the best seller out there. Who wouldn’t want to transact with a dishonest seller, right? At least Anna is honest.


Brutally honest, but still a great seller.



Cyst Anna, if ever you read this, we mean you no harm, we were just so entertained by the way you put a twist on online selling. Hat’s off to you and more power to your shop.

“Wag mo po kami i-bush, cyst.”

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Bride Pays Php30k for Designer Gown, Receives Ugly Piece that Nearly Ruins Her Wedding




Her wedding day is one of the most exciting moments of a woman’s life. It is also the day when any woman becomes the star of the show!

It is expected, therefore, that every bride wants to look her best even if that means spending a good amount of money on her wedding gown. Of course, many would argue that the wedding gown is something you use only once; thus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it but many brides would disagree, saying that the most important day of their lives deserve the most beautiful outfits.

Bride Mhayo B. Arguelles felt the same way. So, for her wedding scheduled last February 14, she made sure to order the gown of her dreams way ahead of date. She met with a gay designer who drew what appears to be a gorgeous gown for her wedding.

Photo credit: Mhayo B. Arguelles / Facebook

It was worth Php30,000 ($575) but that actually sounds like a good deal for that kind of gown. Just looking at this design, anyone would have fallen in love with this piece! But it turned out that the gay designer was much better in drawing than making the actual gown.

The first fitting was in November 2017. While the gown looked too simple compared to the drawing at the time, the bride didn’t think there was anything wrong because she simply thought the gay designer was going to add more to that gown. After all, it was still November, 3 months from the wedding.

Photo credit: Mhayo B. Arguelles / Facebook

Pleased with her gown, she even ordered the groomsmen’s clothes from the same designer; although she changed her mind on letting the designer work on the bridesmaids’ gowns as she wanted him to focus on her wedding dress.

The designer delivered the gown the day before the wedding – and it was so ugly that the bride thought her wedding was going to be ruined. For sure, no one would want to wear that gown!

Photo credit: Mhayo B. Arguelles / Facebook

Thankfully, her maid of honor was able to save the day, finding her a beautiful wedding gown at the last minute.

Photo credit: Mhayo B. Arguelles / Facebook

What’s rather hilarious, though, is that the gay designer has filed a complaint against her at the barangay hall for failure to pay the Php8k ($153) balance on the gown. The nerve!

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