Shameless Foreigners Begging for Travel Funds in Poor Countries Spark Outrage

A lot of countries might be poor but have rich natural resources that make them a favorite destination for travelers, especially Westerners and other foreigners who have the money to spend in tourist attractions mostly because their dollars have more spending power in these poor countries.

But a disturbing trend has been noticed in many regions in southeast Asia, even in the poor countries: a lot of foreigners are begging for money in the streets so they can fund their trips!

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

While it is their choice to go down to this level, it angers netizens to see these foreigners doing this because they are “taking money off the needy”.

Considering that many people in these poor countries are actually poor and probably haven’t gone to leisurely trips outside their hometown, many netizens feel that it is quite unfair for these foreigners to ask money from them.

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Of course, it is also the locals’ choice to part with their money to provide travel funds for these Westerners but many often feel pity for these foreigners, thinking that they are so far away from home and needed help. These foreigners are tapping into the Asian virtue of easily feeling empathy towards others!

I want to ask these tourists: what makes you think that this kind of behaviour is normal in Asia? Why don’t you do the same thing at home?” one netizen asked.

Last year, there was even a father who brought his children to many countries in Asia and asked money in the streets so they could survive!

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

But not all of these so-called ‘beg-packers’ (instead of backpackers) are brave enough to ask for money in the streets. A lot also take to social media or use crowdfunding sites to seek help for their travel funds!

Would you give money or have you already given some cash to these beg-packers?