Seller Ships Item Fast, Receives 3 Stars Because Customer Complains of “Too Much Plastic”

Have you received an online order that’s broken or damaged because the seller didn’t wrap it properly? Well, one seller wrapped an order so carefully to protect the item, but the customer gave a low rating for “too much plastic”!

Seller Receives Low Rating for “Too Much Plastic”

Many customers of online stores experienced receiving broken or damaged goods after the seller didn’t wrap their items properly. That’s why many of us appreciate the extra bubble wrap.

But one seller received only 3 stars because the customer complained of “too much plastic”!

Just like some sellers who are committed to providing their customers with the best service, this one made sure to carefully wrap the items with lots of bubble wrap to ensure that the items inside the package won’t get damaged from shipping.

The seller even shipped the items fast – and the customer did acknowledge the fast shipping. But the customer wasn’t happy that the item arrived quickly, safely, and without any damage. Instead, this person complained about the seller’s use of too much plastic in his order.

This customer added a reminder to the seller, “We need to care (for) the environment.

As expected, the seller wasn’t happy with the low rating – especially because everyone else would have praised the attention to the wrapping that this seller did to make sure the item arrives without damage at the customer’s house!

Netizens slammed the buyer, with no one taking their side. Many netizens said that the buyer should have told the seller that extra plastic should not be used for wrapping their item – but what happens if the item arrives damaged? For sure, the customer would also give the seller a low rating for the damaged items!

What’s Bubble Wrap?

Bubble wrap is a type of pliable plastic material with protruding air-filled ‘bubbles’ used to protect fragile items from getting damaged during transport or shipping.

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