Science Says These Things Can Make You More Attractive

Flashing a great smile, wearing clothes that suit us, and keeping our body fit are some of the things  that we do in order to attract a mate. But apart from having good genes and being “hot”, there are other things that make people appear attractive.

Here are science-backed ways that can make you more attractive, according to IFL Science.


  1. Being the funny guy

Several studies have shown that ladies are more attracted to men who can make them laugh. However, women who have a good sense of humor didn’t have the same advantage as their male counterpart. Anthropologist Gil Greengross believes the disparity is caused by the fact that being funny is often associated to intelligence, which women often seek in a partner.

2.  Being in a group of friends

In 2014, a study conducted by researchers at the University of California at San Diego showed that people almost always look more appealing when they’re in a group. According writer James Hamblin, our brains process the faces of a group of people together. As a result each face appear more “average” and become more attractive.

3. Asking deeper questions

Apparently avoiding small talks in dates like “What’s your favorite food?” would actually make you appear more attractive. A 1997 study at the State University of New York suggests to ask deeper questions in order to establish real connection with a potential mate.

4. Having open, physically confident postures

Confidence does play a big role in attractiveness and what better way to express this but through your posture. Open, physically confident postures give you an edge in the dating game.

5. Being a leader

Since many people are attracted to power, being the leader of a pack has its advantage in the dating world. This is the exact reason why leaders attract many people particularly those who aren’t in the group. In fact, many outsiders find a company’s CEO more attractive compared to employees.

6. Smiling

As cliche as it may seem, your smile can certainly go a long way when it comes to attractiveness. Two experiments carried out by researchers in Switzerland showed that attractiveness and smiling are related. Results showed that a person with a stronger smile is perceived to be more attractive.

7. Being nice

This one is pretty obvious, but having a positive personality has been found to be linked in facial attractiveness according to a 2014 Chinese study involving 120 people.