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School in Spain Teaches Boys How to Do Household Chores to Stop Gender Inequality

A lot of people think that doing the house chores is a task for girls. Thus, even when both partners are working and have stellar careers of their own, it is often the wife who still needs to do the household chores while the husband relaxes in the living room to watch football or some other stuff.

Women are expected to cook, wash the dishes, clean the house, wash the clothes, take care of the children, and everything else even though she also has a job and brings in money for the family. Even if the guys have more free time, many don’t help around the house.

Photo credit: Colegio Montecastelo / Facebook

A school in Spain aims to stop this gender inequality by teaching boys the basics of doing household chores. It a powerful move against gender inequality.

The Colegio Montecastelo of Spain went viral for its home economics classes specifically for boys, teaching them the basics of cooking, sewing, ironing, and cleaning the house. It also incorporates manual activities that are typically associated with boys, including plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and electrician skills.

Photo credit: Colegio Montecastelo / Facebook

What’s quite impressive is that the school has tapped parents to help in the project – and dads are learning along with their kids! Many dads have also volunteered later to teach their boys the skills they picked up in class.

Photo credit: Colegio Montecastelo / Facebook

It seemed very useful for our students to learn to perform these tasks so that, when they form a family, they are involved from the beginning and know that a house is a matter of two, it’s not a matter of the woman cleaning, doing the dishes, and ironing. This will allow them to become aware and learn to handle themselves at home,” explained the school’s coordinator, Gabriel Bravo.

As expected, the students were a bit apprehensive about learning ‘chores for girls’, but with the support and encouragement of their parents, they have learned to embrace the lessons and many have actually excelled in it!

Photo credit: Colegio Montecastelo / Facebook

Many male students and their dads came to a realization that tasks like ironing and cooking are challenging yet also easy to do…

Photo credit: Colegio Montecastelo / Facebook

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