Scam Alert: If You Receive This Emal From ‘Apple’, Don’t Open It

A new scam has recently surfaced online and if you are an iTunes user, you might want to be really cautious. The legit-looking email from ‘Apple’ has been making the rounds on the web and in case you receive one, it’s important that you don’t open it.

In reality, the hoax email aims to steal people’s details by pretending to be an official Apple invoice. It informs you that you have ‘’purchased’ a song from the iTunes store. The said track, entitled ‘For You’ by Lil Kesh, is apparently worth £23.34 (about $31) – which is, obviously, quite expensive for a single track.

apple email scam

Photo credit: Pexels via Unilad

Since that’s particularly alarming, gullible users will likely click the ‘Cancel and Manage Subscriptions’ which eventually takes you to a fraudulent website intended to steal your personal details.

In a blog report by Unilad, a Twitter user named Florence wrote “Just to let everyone know there’s a scam going around… They tried it because my Apple ID isn’t with this email #scam.” She also added a screen capture of the fake email which looked like this:

apple email scam 1

Photo credit: via Twitter

If you receive this kind of message, just delete it from your inbox right away.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Scam Emails?

First off, you need to know that the iTunes Store will never ask for your personal details.

The Apple website, tells us:

“The iTunes Store will never ask you to provide personal information or sensitive account information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) via email.

Email messages that contain attachments or links to non-Apple websites are from sources other than Apple, although they may appear to be from the iTunes Store. Most often, these attachments are malicious and should not be opened. You should never enter your Apple account information on any non-Apple website.”