Saudi Groom Files Divorce after Wife Refused to Put Her Phone Down on Wedding Night

A man from Saudi Arabia decided to end his marriage shortly after the wedding ceremony following a heated argument with his wife who refused to put her mobile phone down on their wedding night.

According to a relative, when the couple reached the hotel room, the bride started chatting with her friends on her mobile phone and failed to acknowledge the presence of her husband. Moreover, the bride also rejected her husband’s sexual advances.

wife texting

Apparently, the wife was too engrossed in responding to her friends’ messages, who congratulated her for her recent wedding. Surprisingly, the wife even had the guts to tell her husband that her friends were more important to her than him.

Speaking to SAUDI DAILY AL WATAN, the relative revealed: “Following the marriage ceremony, the groom took his bride to the hotel where they had booked a room. However, as soon as the bride was in the room, she kept using her mobile. Her groom tried to get closer with her and become more intimate, but he was shocked when she ignored him, not responding to his words and actions.”

Following the heated exchanged between the two, the groom announced that he will be filing a divorce and quickly left the hotel room.

The divorce case has been filed and the court has referred it to a reconciliation committee to evaluate if the newlywed couple could be reconciled. The groom, who was deeply hurt by his wife’s behavior, insisted to proceed with the divorce case.

According to Ahmad Al Maabi , a Saudi legal expert, there is an alarming rise of divorce among newlyweds. He explained that marriages are bound to end when there are “no robust foundation or trust”.

“Misunderstandings, differences in views and the easy approach to marriage without a deep appreciation of the responsibilities are among the major causes for divorce among young people,” he explained.