Santa Claus Cheers Up Sick Girl Despite Having Sleigh Trouble

Even ‘Santa Claus’ himself needs rescuing sometimes – especially when he’s on a rush to visit a sick girl.

This recently happened in the UK when Santa’s sleigh broke down while he was on a way to a cheer up a terminally ill girl at a special Christmas event in Wigan.

2-year-old Amelia Morris has a rare genetic disorder and her doctors said she only has a few months to live. Heartbroken parents Jonathan and Whitney decided they will give her the best Christmas by having an early celebration.

Photo credit: Mirror

Photo credit: Mirror

The North West UK Beetles, a Facebook group composed of motorists, came up with the idea of having a convoy of 50 retro vehicles. Santa was about to join them until he had trouble with his sleigh.

Beetle aficionados came to help Santa and so did a traffic officer from Greater Manchester Police. Despite their attempts, the holiday vehicle still wouldn’t run and so they decided to push it along the street with Amelia and her mom Whitney both onboard.

Photo credit: Mirror

Photo credit: Mirror

Whitney said:

“Amelia absolutely loved it. She thought it was funny and enjoyed it all the same.

We were totally overwhelmed by the effort everyone had gone to make the day so special. We’re just trying to enjoy it all as much as we can.”

Steve Ball, one of the organizers of the said event, described the experience this way:

“The whole thing was fantastic.”

Why Kids Love Santa

Also known as Father Christmas or Old Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus is perhaps the most iconic figure during the holiday season.

Kids clearly love him for his cheerful attitude and colorful costume. Of course, children love the fact that he brings gifts as a way of rewarding good behavior.

Traditionally, kids write letters for Santa and leave a milk and cookies for him. In turn, Santa leaves the gifts under the Christmas tree or in the Christmas stockings.

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