Rude Customers Called Her “Fat” in a Buffet; The Bystanders Reaction Will Amaze You

Being on the heavy side isn’t exactly easy in a society that emphasises body image. Media has played a large role in making them feel less loved whether in TV, movies, magazines, and the social media.  In most cases, overweight people experience discrimination in schools, workplaces, public transportation, and even in restaurants.

In this particular segment of the show “What Would You Do?”, an overweight woman is harassed by two rude customers in a buffet restaurant. From time to time, you hear them calling her “fat” and ridiculing the kind and amount of food she puts in her plate.

Of course there were other customers who heard their conversation as it is a social experiment designed  to get their reactions on the harassment. Do you think other customers will stand up for the “fat” lady? Will they just pretend they didn’t hear anything and let the situation pass?

What would you do if you were in their place?