Roxas Claims He Knows Where Drugs are Sold in Davao, Dares Reporter to Buy with Him

Drugs and crimes are among the top issues hounding the Philippines today but it seems that Davao City has found a solution to that problem – and this is credited to the iron fist leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his family.

But while many praise the mayor who is now running for president, one of his rivals, Mar Roxas, scoffs at all these accomplishments.

In an interview with News 5, Roxas not only scoffed at the idea that Davao is one of the most peaceful cities in the countries, saying that it actually ranks fourth in terms of criminal activities, he also claimed that people can easily buy drugs in the city.

He further claimed that he knows where one can buy drugs in Davao and even dares the reporter to go with him to the city so they could buy drugs there!

Here’s the clip:

Roxas: May droga sa Davao ngayon. Kung gusto mo samahan kita makakabili tayo ngayon.Full story: bumanat ang standard-bearer ng Liberal Party na si Mar Roxas kay Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Hirit ni Roxas, nagkalat pa rin ang droga sa Davao. Narito ang kanyang pahayag.

Posted by News5 Everywhere on Sunday, February 21, 2016

That short clip was part of a longer news report which noted that Duterte seemed quite calm during the first presidential debate; something that is out of character since people expected him to explode over the issues discussed since he had even threatened to walk out if he will be given a time limit (indeed, everyone had time limits but he did not walk out).

Watch the entire report where the above clip was taken: