Rockstar Inmate: Jailed Robbery Gang Leader’s Music Video Shot in Bilibid

After the shocking discovery of several luxurious stuff inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) during a raid held on Monday, a music video of one inmate shot inside a “recording studio” of the jail has emerged.

Convicted robbery group head Herbert “Ampang” Colanggo was able to come up with several songs and music videos inside the national  penitentiary’s maximum security compound.

Carrying the screen name Herbert C., the convict launched his album “Kinabukasan” under Ivory music early this year. It earned the gold and platinum awards just a month after its release.

The rockstar inmate even bagged the New Male Recording Artist of the Year award during the 6th Star Awards for Music.

Furthermore, Colanggo was also able to pull off a charity concert inside NBP on April 27 this year in which other inmates also performed.

In his interview with last May, Colanggo who is also the Chairman of Maximum Security, explained that he was able to inspire fellow inmates through his music.

In the interview, he said: “Katulad ng album kong ‘Kinabukasan,’ may kinabukasan po kami. Sabi ko sa kanila, hindi tayo mawalan ng pag-asa, may pag-asa po tayo na itong dilim na ito ay may liwanag pa. Tayo ay gagawa ng mabuti at hindi na magloloko pa.”

Aside from the top-of-the-line music studio, several luxury items such as wristwatches and branded wallets were discovered inside his kubol. He claimed that those items were donated and given by his friends and family, including an uncle who is a congressman.

Watch his music video of Pa’no ‘Yon:

Convicted Killers Create Rap Videos

It turned out Colangco isn’t the only convict creating music inside jail.

Two convicted murderers recorded rap music videos inside the Tennessee penitentiary this year.

Lavino Horne and Leterpa Mosley managed to make at least 90 songs and 7 rap videos and post them online and market it on social media using some apps in their smartphones.

Most of the songs they produced featured violence.  The song Drug Addict’s music video even showed drug use inside the prison.

The two inmates who happen to share one cell are under investigation for the controversial contents of their songs.

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