This is the Right and Easy Way to Peel a Banana

A banana is a herbaceous perennial that is not only popular but is also very nutritious. It is actually the 4th largest fruit crop of the world and it grows in tropical countries as it needs about 10 – 15 months of frost-free conditions to produce a flower stalk.

The banana is also an affordable source of nutrition for the price of $ 0.58 dollars average in the U.S. for every pound. Bananas are also good sources of several vitamins and minerals that are essential to the human body’s many functions.

Aside from its health benefits, the banana is also an important ingredient to many recipes. Depending on its variety, the banana can be added to cakes, breads, pastries, drinks and even meal recipes. It is actually an essential ingredient in most breads, pies and cooked meals. (Think banana bread or banana guacamole.)

However, the main reason the banana is overly popular is because it is convenient to eat as a snack. We just need to peel its skin (no need for a knife to do that), and we can instantly enjoy this healthy snack.

Unfortunately, most people do not know the right way to peel a banana. What most people do is peel it from the stem. The traditional way we do it actually go against the grain of the fruit causing its strings to remain.

Interestingly, monkeys know better and we should take our cue from them. The right way to peel a banana is to position the stem end away from you, pinch the end facing you and start peeling. Not only is it the right way, you will also find it easier to do!

Watch the right way to peel by watching this video:

The origin of the name of the fruit

According to, bananas were brought by Portuguese sailors from West Africa to Europe in the early 15th century. Banema, its Guinean (West African) name became banana in English and was first found in books in the seventeenth century.

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