Rich Woman Throws Wads of Cash at Shop Assistant in China Jewellery Store

A well-off lady in China was caught throwing handfuls of cash at a shop assistant in a jewellery store.

The disturbing incident allegedly occurred on September 25 in Handan, China. The unbelievable moment was caught on tape and its footage was posted in several Chinese social media sites sparking public outrage.

Apparently, the unnamed lady was choosing gold jewellery in the store when the shop assistant allegedly said something rude to her. Angered, the female customer went on a tirade to “teach” the shop employee a lesson she would never forget.



In the video, the furious lady can be heard exclaiming: “You think I can’t afford it? What kind of shop is this?”

Do you believe it, can buy the entire street.

She continued to yell at the shop assistant while she appears searching for something inside her bag.

“Do you know who my dad is?” she said at one point.

Moments later, the enraged customer did the unexpected and threw wads of cash at the shop assistant who maintained her professionalism during the whole money-throwing episode. Reportedly, she threw cash amounting to tens of thousands of Yuan all in 100 Yuan notes.

Luckily, one shopper intervened to save the poor shop assistant.

A report by The Daily Mail UK revealed that the customer just wanted to check a bracelet.

Since it emerged online last week, the footage has angered Chinese netizens. However, several Web users speculated that the whole incident is just a marketing stunt of the jewellery shop.

Watch the shocking moment below.

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