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Revolutionary Office Desk Design Will Make Users More Productive

Tired of seating on your uncomfortable office desk?

A new office desk design, that seems to resemble chairs from Star Trek or Wall-E, will finally let you work in the most comfortable positions. In fact, employees can do their job while lying down at this device.

PHOTO CREDIT: Altwork Station
PHOTO CREDIT: Altwork Station

Dubbed as the “office desk of the future”, the Altwork Station lets users work in sitting, standing, focusing, and collaborating positions.

PHOTO CREDIT: Altwork Station
PHOTO CREDIT: Altwork Station

According to Altwork CEO Che Voigt, office desks and chairs haven’t evolved that much through the years compared to cars, phones, computers and many other devices.

PHOTO CREDIT: Altwork Station
PHOTO CREDIT: Altwork Station

It took five years to create the hyper adjustable desk which is part dentist chair part work station.  The innovation features a desk surface securely fastened to a supportive couch-like chair, while your monitor and laptop are attached to metal arms to prevent them from falling. Meanwhile, your keyboard and mouse are held by magnets in place.

Altwork is designed for high-intensity computer users, which we define as people that spend at least 4 hours a day in front of their personal computer and are required to focus on complex tasks for extended periods of time such as developing software and producing computer automated design work,” the company said in its FAQ section.

Its first run will cost around $3,900 but it will be sold in the market for $5,900.

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Good Office Design Can Increase Productivity

Having a good office design can improve an employee’s overall productivity since it reduces the amount of time it takes for an employee to perform a task. Furthermore, an effective design allows employees to easily communicate with each other.

To improve employee’s health and productivity, the following must be considered in an office design, according to CIPHR.

  • Quality of indoor air and thermal comfort for health improvement
  • Use of natural light for less visual fatigue, headaches and stress
  • Interior configuration that increases concentration, creativity and confidence
  • Design that allows employees to be physically active to promote healthier lifestyles

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