WATCH: Restaurant Manager Attacks Pregnant Woman after She Asked Him to Stop Smoking

A restaurant manager in Shanghai, China was caught on camera verbally abusing a pregnant woman after the latter asked him to stop smoking inside the mall.

The unidentified manager of Akasaketei, a Japanese restaurant inside Global Harbor mall, went into a violent fit despite efforts to stop him. Reportedly, the manager had been drinking prior to the fight.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

A video of the incident was recorded by one witness.

In the video, the pregnant woman wearing a purple shirt was heard yelling: “Akasakatei’s manager is hitting people!” Several staff of the restaurant tried to calm the lady down and stopped her from entering the restaurant.

Moments later, a man in white shirt emerged from the restaurant and shouted that he was the one smoking. He also arrogantly told the lady that she can leave since he already paid for her bill.

After a police officer arrived at the scene, the pregnant woman informed him that the restaurant manager threatened and attacked her. Undaunted, the restaurant manager insulted and cursed the woman.

While smoking indoors is prohibited inside the said mall, there are designated smoking areas outside Global Harbor mall.

The head of the customer service of Global Harbor mall, who claimed that the incident damaged its reputation, demanded that Akasakatei management deal with the issue, directly address the problem and reprimand the restaurant manager.

Not surprisingly, the video sparked outrage among social media users who condemned the restaurant manager for acting inappropriately.

One netizen commented: “One stupid employee can ruin the reputation of a whole company, the internet is so developed nowadays that any bad experiences will be known in half an hour all over the world, the reputation of a company completely obliterated.”

Watch the video of the incident by clicking this link.