Portrait of Pure Love: The Loyal Dog and Its Poor Master

We recently came across a heartwarming post on Facebook featuring a dog and a boy.

It certainly is pure love: the loyal dog and its poor master, hugging each other while they sleep on a piece of carton at a planter by the sidewalk.

Shared by Gen Pilar, it was captioned with, “A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. All he knows is that he loves you very much.” We definitely agree with that caption!

Here’s the photo that touched netizens’ hearts:

Photo credit: Gen Pilar/Facebook

Photo credit: Gen Pilar/Facebook

Loyal Dogs and Their Masters

Dogs are among the most loyal creatures on Earth. It does not matter to them whether you are rich or poor, famous or not, educated or not, anything. What matters to the dog is the fact that it is loved and cared for.

The dog would not even demand that you give it the best food or provide it with the best home. To a dog any place is a palace, any man is a king, as long as it feels loved. It does not even mind if it has to feed on scraps and sleep in the streets as long as it feels the love of its master.

Of course, there are plenty of dogs who are, like their owners, fortunate enough to live luxurious lives. They get to eat meals fit for a king, with tasty treats and choice meat cuts. They sleep on soft cushions in spots they can truly call their own. They get pampered with a sweet-smelling bath and groomed in a pet salon.

On the other side of the coin are the dogs that live with paupers. Dogs that eat scraps because their masters do not even have much to eat. These are the dogs whose masters don’t even have a home to call their own but sleep on the ground wherever their feet took them. There are no baths, no grooming for these poor masters and their poor pets – yet they remain loyal to each other.

There are also those that live in between these two extremes.

But they all have one thing in common: there is pure love between dog and master, no matter what their social and financial status might be.

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