Public School Teacher Earns Praise for Carrying Students Across Flood Waters

Everyone knows how dangerous flood waters can be, especially to young children. For this reason, one teacher carries her students across the flooded areas in the school – and this heroic action has gained her much praise on social media.

In a report on Balita Pilipinas on GMA News, the teacher was identified as Leonora Fernandez of West Central One Elementary School in Dagupan City, Pangasinan in the Philippines.

Fernandez was surprised to learn that someone had taken photos of her carrying the students across the flooded areas in school and that the post had gone viral. The teacher said that she has 21 students in her Grade One section.

Photo credit: Evita Javier / Facebook

It seems that the area leading to the gates from Fernandez’s classroom easily becomes flooded many times during the school year. Since her students wear only shoes, not rain boots, the teacher decided to just carry them one by one towards the gate so their parents can pick them up.

Of her 21 students this year, the teacher said she usually carries 16 when it rains and the area gets flooded.

Principal Valentina Hortaleza commends the teacher, saying that she’s quite noble in what she’s doing but acknowledges that most teachers empathize with their students who often are too poor to buy rain boots.

Hortaleza said that many teachers are willing to do everything they can to help their pupils, even if that meant carrying them across the flooded spots of the school.

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