Proud Dentist Honors Tricycle Driver Dad for Sending Her to College

One proud dentist honors her tricycle driver dad for sending her to college. Her sister also became a pharmacist!

Hardworking Tricycle Driver

While a tricycle driver does not earn a lot of money, particularly if he does not own the tricycle he is using for work, this does not mean that he does not have a dream.

tricycle driver dad

Photo credit: Marga Santiago Suobiron / Facebook

It is true that many became a tricycle driver because they were not able to graduate from college or even high school, yet many of these guys were able to send their children to college and helped fulfill their dreams through their children!

Marga Santiago Suobiron, now a dentist, honors her tricycle driver dad for sending her and her sibling to school. Thanks to their tricycle driver dad, she and her sibling were able to graduate from college. She graduated as dentist while her sister is a pharmacist.

She narrated that when she was about to enter college, she really wanted to be a flight attendant. Her mother wanted her to be an accountant like her but because she hates math, she refused to take that course.

According to Marga, her father then encouraged her to be a dentist. She did not agree at first, knowing how expensive it would surely be to study dentistry yet her father assured her that it would be alright. He’ll make sure she will become a dentist.

Sabi ng mom ko ‘di natin kaya mag pa aral ng dentista.’ (Oo alam ko. Kasi yung papa ko magsasaka at TRICYCLE DRIVER LANG) pero sabi ng papa ko: ‘Okay lng yan mag enroll ka. Kaya natin yan. Pagsisikapan ko yan!’ and he did,” Marga wrote.

Their dad would leave the house at 4AM to go to the farm then head back home at 6AM or 7AM to drive his tricycle. He would save every bit of money he earned – and was able to successfully send her to college!

They did receive help from other people but Marga is thankful that despite just being a tricycle driver, her father was able to send them to college.

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