Protect Your Child…This Video Could SAVE His Life

Did you know that simple changes in your home could save your child’s life?

As we all know, we can not always be present in the room where our children are playing or sleeping. There are, of course, instances when we need to go to the bathroom, take a shower, attend to the needs of other kids, etc.

However, it is very important to understand that a falling TV on a dresser could easily snuff a child’s life within less a minute after you turn your back from the room! A sleeping child could wake up and use the drawers as ladder to reach the top. Before you know it, a loud crash indicates the dresser has already fallen down on your kid.

So, before it is too late, make sure to childproof your home and understand basic safety tips that could save your child’s life. This could be a long overused cliché but still holds true to this day: prevention is better than cure.

So, if you want to save your child’s life, watch this video:

Child Safety at Home

Yep, the video was “too obvious”, I know. However, these are also the trivial things that we take for granted. How many unanchored furniture do you have at home? Yes, these might be too heavy for your child to topple over but, then, think again. How heavy is too heavy and how sure are you that your child could not climb high enough to shift its center of gravity and make it fall?

Always, especially if the kids already know how to crawl and climb, make sure to childproof your home. This does not just mean taking off sharpies from the floors or removing breakable figurines from the display cabinets. This means second-guessing what your child could do and what he might find interesting from his vantage point.

Remember, kids are clever. They can easily find a hole, a drawer to use as ladder, an electric outlet, a rope, a string, something small and shiny that is easy to swallow, etc. They can find the medicine cabinet and play with your medications or the tool box or the kitchen sink.

…and as the video suggested, a child could become so curious about that thing above the cabinet that he might climb his way all the way up to investigate.

Please, before it is too late and you regret everything, think of your child’s safety at all times.

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