He’s on a Wheelchair Because of Cancer…But Becomes a Multi-awarded Professional Bodybuilder

At thirteen years old, Anand Arnold found the passion for bodybuilding and was soon winning plenty of competitions in the sport. At such a young age, he was already enjoying plenty of success and was on a sure road to becoming India’s top bodybuilder.

But everything changed when he was fifteen. Mere two years after becoming a bodybuilder, Anand became paralyzed because of spinal cancer. Though the operation on his spinal column was a success, for months, he could only move his arms while the rest of his body was immobile.

Then, three years after beating cancer, Anand decided it was time to get up from bed and enjoy what was left of his life. So, he convinced his father to take him to the gym and was soon lifting weights like his younger self.

His courage was admirable, especially because the spinal cancer had left him with a hunchback! Have you ever seen a hunchback bodybuilder???

Yet Anand was determined to live his dreams. After months of training, he was soon racking up trophies and medals once again, winning bodybuilding competitions across India despite the fact that his lower body is paralyzed and he is stuck on a wheelchair! What an incredible story of determination and courage!

Here’s Anand’s inspiring story:

Professional Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding doubles as a form of exercise and a sport. This is often characterized by large muscular forms both in men and women. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the top figures in bodybuilding.

The sport has seen a lot of controversies, especially in recent years when steroids are being overused so the bodybuilders could achieve larger bodies. Some of these people almost lost their lives or their limbs because of steroid abuse.

To make their bodies more defined, bodybuilders use a combination of tanning lotions (or natural tanning methods), oils, and tight clothes during competitions.