Professional Racer Pretends to be a New Student…Scares Driving Instructors

If you were to prank some driving instructors, how would you do it? Well, I think you’ll probably do the same thing the woman did in this video…

When a driving school decided to prank their driving instructors’ first day of work, they enlisted the help of who got in touch with professional race car driver Leona Chin.

Because Leona is a well-known personality in the racing circuits, the pranksters made sure she did not look like the pro racer. Instead, she was made to wear nerdy clothes, geeky glasses, and a childish hairstyle.

During the day of reckoning, she began the “driving lessons” with some lapses, making the car stop and go on the road. She gave the driving instructor a headache. However, that was not the best (or worst) part! You just have to watch the exact moment she takes the instructors on a death-defying spin. Scary!

Watch the prank here:

Pranks and YouTube

Have you noticed how many pranksters have popped up on the web, thanks to the many fans they easily get on YouTube? I have nothing against pranksters. In fact, I actually enjoy watching these pranks – as long as they are not doing serious harm on their unsuspecting victims.

There are, however, several pranksters who believe they have to do something really big and stupid just so they can get ahead of the competition. After all, their earnings depend on the number of views the video receives on YouTube; thus, if the prank is new and awesome, then it would surely become viral.

I’ve seen pranks that are truly wonderful and funny yet there are also several that may have gone overboard. Still, even these extreme pranks have gained millions of views on YouTube.

How about you? Do you think some pranksters are overdoing their pranks?

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