Pro Skater Disguised as Old Man Shocks Everyone with Incredible Skating Tricks

An old man confronted a group of young people, asking them if they would let him borrow a skateboard so he could try one before he got too old to move his body. The young ones laughed but gave him a skateboard, knowing full well that an old man could not make any damage on the board since he surely has limited physical abilities. That is where they were wrong!

The old man was not what he seems to be for beneath that old man exterior was a young body, literally. The 80-year-old grandpa was actually 20-year skateboarding star Danny Léon! Makeup, prosthetics, long sleeves, and long pants made the disguise realistic. Some genuine seniors were also walking with him, to make everything more believable.

It was funny how the young ones actually fell for the trick. They were laughing as grandpa Danny appeared to struggle with the skateboard at first. But when the “old man” headed down the bowl, they were all surprised at his deft moves and incredible skating tricks! Who would believe an old first-timer could do those awesome moves, anyway?

This is an awesome trick! Check out how the group was able to pull off this funny prank in this video:


Long viewed as a recreational sport, skateboarding is something that appeals to older kids and young people, mostly because of the skills necessary to control the skateboard. Very small kids and older adults could have trouble with balancing on the skateboard.

Skateparks have special ramps, bowls, wooden boards, and various features that allow skateboarders to try out trick skating.

Today, a lot of improvements can also be seen, including the use of special skate shoes instead of going barefoot like early skateboarders were doing in the past. There are also several types of skateboards these days, with skaters able to personalize they boards not just using paint but also with blings or cool wheel and board designs.

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