Preschool Girl Almost Kidnapped While Mom was Just a Few Feet Away!

CCTV footage taken inside a store shows the chilling moment that a preschool girl was almost kidnapped even while her mom was just a few feet away! Thankfully, the mom was able to get hold of her kid before the kidnapper could successfully take her away but this was a grave reminder to each and every one of us to be extra careful when we go out with our kids, especially in public places where there are plenty of people.

In the clip shared by Ayman Zeidan, another customer had been ahead of the family so they had to wait for their turn. The mom was carrying a smaller child in one arm as she waited for her turn while the little girl stayed by the door as she was busy tinkering with something on the wall.

The mom didn’t mind that her older kid was near the door because, who could imagine that something bad was about to happen (or almost happen!), anyway?


Screenshot of video by Ayman Zeidan / Facebook

Someone passing by the shop quickly grabbed the girl who was by the door and would have been successful if the mom had been further away from the door. Thankfully, the mom was able to get her daughter back!

The first customer also ran after the mom but did not come back in the video; presumably, this customer chased after the criminal. The staff of the store also hurried outside. The video did not indicate whether the criminal was apprehended but, thankfully, the child was safe.

She looked quite scared – and her mom was also quite frightened! The family hugged each other for the rest of the clip.

The viral video watched by over 1.4 million people was captioned, “All it takes is 0.01 second to keep your eyes off your child for this to happen.

All it takes is 0.01 second to keep your eyes off your child for this to happen ???

Posted by Ayman Zeidan on Tuesday, July 26, 2016