Can You Get Pregnant by Inhaling Balloon? Funny Pregnancy Footage

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. It is but natural that she would want to document every moment of it for posterity and for the family to enjoy later when the kid is born.

In the video shared by The Laughing Channel, a woman decided to create a unique pregnancy footage using an inflated balloon.

It is quite funny and symbolic how she began with a large, inflated balloon and flat stomach. After ‘inhaling’ the balloon for a few more seconds, her stomach begins to grow. Then, as the balloon becomes smaller, her stomach becomes bigger.

Of course, she did not really inhale the balloon but it was funny to see this anyway. I wonder what other funny gimmicks can be done to document a pregnancy. I am quite sure it would be fun to do this on my next pregnancy. LOL.

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