Pregnancy Prank Backfires after Boyfriend Tells His Girlfriend He Can’t Have Kids

Pranks are becoming more and more popular these days, with hundreds of them being posted on YouTube each week. There are plenty of fun pranks to watch on the web to pass time each day but once in a while, there are precious gems that quickly go viral.

In a prank posted by the Viral Brothers, Erik Meldik’s girlfriend Dominika (Domisha) Vaňková pranks him with a positive pregnancy test strip and an ultrasound photo on her phone.

The prank went so well that you just might believe Erik was becoming more agitated that his girlfriend is truly pregnant. We soon get the answer: he was not comfortable with the prank because he knew that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Why? Well, he said he could not have children; thus, the fact that she is pregnant means she slept with someone else.

Shocked by this revelation, Domisha got angry at Erik and began ranting about how he was crazy for not telling her the truth when they had been together for 3 years. She was soon crying over this bad news. At the sight of her tears, Erik burst out laughing and admitted he was merely pranking the prankster. While scanning the room upon entering, he had quickly found the camera set opposite where they were sitting.

Check out more of the prank in this video:

Birth Control Pills and Pregnancy

If used correctly, birth control pills can be up to 99.9% effective. Because of this and the fact that the pills are among the cheapest forms of birth control, pills are among the popular choice in many places across the world.

The woman in the prank admitted to taking birth control pills – though she said she did not take the pills for months so she will get pregnant. This is probably one of the reasons why her boyfriend immediately saw through her lie.

After all, why would she look so scared of being pregnant when it was her choice not to take the pills, anyway? Was she trying to blackmail him or something?