Pranksters Uncover Gold Digger? Woman Changes Mind after Seeing Money

These days, it is difficult to find the perfect partner, the one who has all the qualities you are looking for in some to spend the rest of your life with.

Plenty of cool guys turn out to be lazy and irresponsible; some even become wife-beaters! Meanwhile, lovely ladies could be hiding a viper personality and could be a gold digger. Of course, the same applies vice versa. The question now is how you can uncover those attitudes in people even before you fall in love with them and you end up brokenhearted?

Well, the pranksters of DennisCeeTV have come up with an easy solution to that: show her the money!

In their social experiment, one of the guys approached a beautiful lady in the park. While trying to introduce himself, the man gets rejected by the girl who gave the flimsy excuse that she has a boyfriend and wouldn’t want to meet other guys.

The tone of her voice changes, however, when the guy pulled out a wad of cash to share to a homeless person (who wasn’t really homeless and actually happens to be in on the plan, of course).

Watch the encounter here:

Gold Digger

What is a gold digger, anyway? According to the Wikipedia, “Gold digger is a person (usually female) who cultivates a personal relationship in order to attain money.

This person would do anything, perhaps even agree to everything the rich partner wants, to secure the relationship.

Do you think the woman in the video was a gold digger? Well, she could be but there are also other angles to the story.

For example, she just might be a practical woman. After all, who wants to be dirt poor these days, anyway? But isn’t “practical” just a euphemism for a gold digger?

Of course, it is also possible that she saw beyond the money the guy held in his hands. After all, how many compassionate guys can you find who readily gives out a lot of money to another person in need? Perhaps she thought this guy was kind – and the money was just a plus!

What do you think?