Is It Possible To Celebrate New Year Twice In Two Different Countries?

We all know we don’t have the same time zone as all of the countries in the world. So, when it comes to the time of the day, some are more advanced than some countries.

Understandably, special occasions like Christmas and New Year also have different times of arrival in different countries.

New Year 1


Given that, is it possible to experience new year twice if you celebrate it in the first and the last one to have it?

Who celebrates the New Year first?

It is a popular belief that Australia celebrates the New Year first, but there is a tiny Pacific island called Tonga that will be having the New Year a full three hours before it reaches Australia. Tonga will celebrate New Year at 10 am GMT December 31, or 6 pm December 31, Philippine time.

Who celebrates the New Year last?

The outlying islands of the USA would have been the ones celebrating the New Year last if there are people living there. It will celebrate New Year at 12noon GMT January 1, or 8 pm January 1, Philippine time.

The second to the last ones to celebrate the New Year will be the American Samoan at 11 am GMT January 1, or 7 pm GMT January 1, Philippine time.

The time difference

The American Samoan is 558 miles from Tonga who would have celebrated the New Year 25 hours earlier when the New Years arrives at American Samoan.

Two New Years

Therefore, if you are in Tonga and you celebrated the New Year there, you can hop on the plane and arrive at American Samoan with still several hours to spare before celebrating your second New Year in a row.

Philippine New Year

The Philippines will be the 6th batch of countries to welcome the New Year at 4 pm GMT January December 31, and of course 12midnight January 1, Philippine time.