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Popular Thai Actress Reveals Secret: She was Born Male!

Yoshi Rinrada is one of the most popular figures in Thailand but the actress who is adored by countless fans across the world has a rather shocking secret to reveal: she was born male! Ooooops.

With her lithe, graceful body and doll-like face, Rinrada is a favorite among brands and is considered to be among Thailand’s most prolific endorsers. She has graced several glossy magazines and is the face of various brands.

But it shocked a lot of her followers on social media to learn that she was actually born male and had long transitioned to become female since she was 15 years old.

As a young boy, Rinrada felt that being male was just not something appropriate for her; thus, she began to introduce herself as a female and worked towards looking like a full-fledged girl.

Photo credit: @yoshirinrada / Instagram

Most people just could not believe that Rinrada was born male, especially because she looks so gorgeous and does not seem to have any male feature, except for the tell-tale sign of a small Adam’s apple.

Rinrada is also rather thin, making it easy for people to believe the gender shift. Blessed with a feminine face, who would have thought that she was once male, eh?

Netizens were so amazed by this stunning beauty that she actually has close to 1 million followers on Instagram.

Photo credit: @yoshirinrada / Instagram

You’ve got to admit you thought she was female through and through when you first saw her photos, right? In fact, even after they were told that Rinrada is a transgender, many of her fans wouldn’t believe it.

Others knew all along that she was born male but feel that they still admire her beauty, regardless of her sexual orientation.

Photo credit: @yoshirinrada / Instagram

Can you believe she was born male?

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