Poor Student Who Sells Balut at Night, Earns Praise from Netizens

Don’t let poverty get in the way in your quest for success in life!

Indeed, poverty is a harsh reality to many Filipino families. Many are living below the poverty line, with very little chance of finding real success in life but many have proved that poverty is not a hindrance to success because hardworking people know how to find a way to change their situation.

Photo credit: Balitang Amianan / Facebook

Such is the experience of a young Grade 10 student from Calasiao, Pangasinan. Born into poverty, Sherwill Angel de Guzman had five other siblings who are also struggling to be in school. While their parents tried their best to send them to school, it was difficult for them to make ends meet.

Feeding the children was already a huge challenge to these poor parents; sending them all to school was harder. At night, the kids have nothing but a ‘lampara’ as source of light so they can study their lessons.

Knowing their parents are working hard to give them a better life, Sherwill vowed to do better in her studies and graduate so that their sacrifice won’t be in vain. Understanding the difficulties their parents are facing, Sherwill decided to help out.

During the day, she works hard in school to make sure she can get everything done before going home; sometimes, she has to study in many subjects at once, just to make sure she completes her lessons for the day before returning home.

Then, she helps her parents earn money by selling balut! In the Philippines, balut vendors are often guys but Sherwill does not mind being the so-called ‘rose among the thorns’ as long as she can help her family.

This hardworking young student hopes to be a nurse someday. Such a dream is definitely a very challenging one for the poor family but with Sherwill’s determination, we know she’ll be able to make it!

God bless you, Sherwill! Good luck in your studies…