Poor Student Who Ranked #2 in Teacher’s Board Exams Shares Her Inspiring Story

Iah Bantang Seraspi of Romblon, Philippines has a very inspiring story to tell.

Iah was born in a very poor family; so poor are they that the family could not afford to buy proper food so that they only use anything that is available as viand with their rice – even if that is salt, sugar, coffee, or anything that could add some flavor to the rice.

For Iah and her family, eating instant noodles is already considered a luxury!

Still, even if they could not afford to eat proper food, the parents sent their children to school. Iah and her siblings worked hard to finish college.

Coming from a very poor family, a college education is already a huge achievement yet Iah did not stop there…

She amazed everyone when she ranked #2 in the Licensure Examinations for Teachers, Secondary Level back in September 2015! Isn’t that incredible?


To inspire others, Iah shared her story; for she had just proven to us all that poverty is not a hindrance for finding success in life. May her story serve as an inspiration to anyone out there who is feeling down and hopeless…


Be inspired by her. “Being poor is not a hindrance to finish your education”. I can picture of myself when I…

Posted by Gerald Remojo Veneles on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Teacher’s Board Exams

In the Philippines, the teacher’s board exam is called LET or Licensure Examinations for Teachers. The exams are offered for both the elementary and secondary levels.

Passing the board exams is supposed to be a requirement for schools to accept their teachers although the law is not strictly implemented in all educational institutions as there are private schools that hire entry level applicants, even those who have not yet passed the board exams.

While many of the fresh graduates immediately plan to take the board exams, not all takers are new graduates since those who failed in previous examinations are still allowed to retake LET until they finally earn their license.