Police: Burglar in Critical Condition Can File Case against Homeowner Who Beat Him Up!

Jimmy Aquino is in critical condition after he tried to steal from a house in Mangaldan, Pangasinan in the Philippines but the owner woke up and beat him up with a baseball bat!

According to the news report on 24 Oras for GMA network, North Central Luzon, the homeowners rarely lock their doors because they do not think someone would be able to get inside their house to steal from them.

Aquino seized the chance to steal from the house after finding the door unlocked. But though the homeowners were asleep when Aquino gained entry to the house, one of them awoke. Seeing the burglar carrying their TV set outside the house, the homeowner (whose identity was withheld in the report) grabbed a baseball bat and beat up the burglar in a fit of rage.

The burglar must have been hit in the head and in areas with major organs because he is now in critical condition at a local hospital.

While many netizens laud the homeowner for defending his home and belongings from the burglar, it shocked many that the policeman who handled the case said that Aquino could actually file a case against the homeowner!

It seems that despite breaking, entering, and trespassing in that homeowner’s home, the burglar had the right to protest the beating he received because it sent him to the hospital.

Do you think that is fair? Check out this video for the report of the incident:

Magnanakaw na nanloob sa isang bahay sa Mangaldan, Pangasinan, pinaghahampas ng baseball bat, kritikal

Posted by 24 Oras North Central Luzon on Friday, January 29, 2016

Crime: Breaking and Entering

The laws against breaking and entering vary across the world depending on the location the crime was committed. It is considered a criminal act that is punishable by law.

If there was intent to commit a crime by removing items without permission from the homeowners, then breaking and entering in this case is termed as “burglary”. If there is no intent to steal items from the house, then the crime is termed as illegal trespassing only. Both have corresponding criminal charges and different consequences for the criminal.