Poignant Photo of Nuns Passing by Sleeping Street Kids, Sparks Heated Online Debate

A photo of a group of nuns passing by sleeping street kids has sparked a heated online debate.

Taken by Jonple Baltar, the snapshot circulated on social media and was soon picked up by various Facebook pages.

A lot of netizens believe that the photo was quite poignant because it shows the dark side of religion wherein religious entities like priests and nuns who preach about helping the poor do not actually practice what they preach.

Others felt angry that these nuns are the same ones who protest against contraceptives and various forms of family planning, yet they ignore sights like this one – the very evidence of what happens when people don’t use contraceptives but are too poor to support their own children.

But while many were angry at the nuns for their indifference shown in the photo, others were angry at the photographer! There were those who accused Baltar of editing the photo to make it appear that there were street kids in that spot ignored by the nuns when there were actually none.

Many netizens also defended the nuns, saying that they can’t help all the homeless people but that does not mean they aren’t helping at all. A number even shared statistics such as the number of orphanages being run by nuns.

There were also those who slammed the ‘judgmental’ netizens who created assumptions about the nuns based on this photo.

What do you think of this photo – and whose side are you on?

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