Pinoy Food Truck Business Feeds Hundreds of Homeless in Colorado 

A Filipino food truck business feeds approximately 200 homeless people in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the United States. An American and his Filipina wife are the owners. This is how they give back to society.

The people in Lorry Martinez’s and her husband Adan Garcia’s neighborhood could not be more grateful for their generosity. Every Saturday, the couple continues to show compassion for the homeless in their community by providing free food.

food truck feeds homeless

Image by Adan Garcia via Facebook

Their truck is labeled “Filipino Food Truck,” and it sports a Philippine flag on the front. On weekdays, they operate as usual on Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs, serving Filipino favorites like lumpia, barbecue, pancit, and sisig.

On weekends, however, they set up camp at the Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs to distribute free food. According to the couple, it was one way of giving back because their food business did exceptionally well despite the pandemic.

Every Saturday, over 200 homeless people would queue in the hopes of receiving a hot, delicious meal from their food truck. Adan believes that seeing people’s joy when they are given free food is priceless.

“They’re very thankful. Watching them on the sidewalks, crackin’ the joke, it’s already something good, ‘cause meaning they’re happy now,” he said on KOAA-TV, an NBC-affiliate TV station in Colorado Springs.

Filipino food truck feeds the homeless

Image by Adan Garcia via Facebook

Adan admitted that he has a soft spot for the homeless because he has been in a similar situation in the past. He understands how it feels to be hungry and grateful for the blessings given to him.

“I’ve been hungry myself, too. I know that feeling. We’re not there to judge. We just want them to have what we have at home, too, just that meal. They deserve that, too,” Adan said.

His wife Lorry also feels glad that they could make a difference in the lives of others. “Everybody is waiting. They make a line and they’re always telling us how blessed they are. They get food, fresh food,” she remarked.

Lorry revealed that the gratitude shown by the homeless are enough to make them continue their mission. “They make you cry when they say the word [thank you], you can feel it from their heart,” she said.

Last October, Lorry opened a Go Fund Me account to help raise funds for their charity work. Their efforts have been lauded not just by peope in their community but also their ‘kababayans’ who were proud of them for showing the ‘bayanihan’ spirit.