Pinoy Couple Earns $1 Million a Year Making Videos of Toys and Playing with Their Kids!

In another inspiring story that shows anyone can get rich with lots of hard work and some luck, a Pinoy couple named Mark and Rhea (who chose not to reveal their last name) had quit their day jobs to become full-time parents to their kids Hulyan, Maya, and Marxlen.

…and you will love what they are doing for a living: taking videos of their kids unboxing and playing with various toys! What started out as a hobby soon became a lucrative source of income for the family.

Photo credit: Mark/

Photo credit: Mark/

Mark and Rhea are both mass communication arts majors who loved to make videos even back in their college years in the Philippines. When they migrated to Los Angeles, California, they brought their love for videos by creating the YouTube channel, ilovemaything, in 2007.

Even before their kids were born, Mark was already uploading unboxing videos of toys – yet kids probably did not like watching an adult unbox toys, so the channel was not a hit. Then, in 2013, they hit the jackpot after posting a video of their kids buying and unboxing a Thomas Trackmaster Motorized Engines Set, the Emergency Searchlight Set.

The video has received close to 20 million views to date. According to Mark, the video marks their success in the industry. They soon gained thousands of subscribers, with the channel having close to 400,000 subscribers to date.

Hulyan Maya Channel

Renamed as Hulyan Maya, ilovemaything is one of the top channels on YouTube, ranking 42nd most viewed YouTube channel in the US, with close to 18 billion hits ever since video content tracking was done.

Without bosses and day jobs to hold them to a strict schedule, the couple are enjoying more time with their three kids, bringing them to malls to buy new toys they can take videos of and hanging out in parks, museums, playgrounds, and various places just for fun.

Moreover, they now have enough money to send all their kids to college and were able to buy (in cash!) their cars and a home in Southern California.

This is certainly every parent’s dream! Amazing!


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