Pinay Actress Graduates from College, Decades after Starting Her Career

MANILA, Philippines – Sunshine Cruz began her showbiz career in 1992 as the young Leona Braganza in Valiente, when she was still 14 years old. This would propel her to stardom and lead to dozens of movies as well as TV shows that got her so busy that she wasn’t able to finish her studies.

Considering that Sunshine was among the most popular faces of Philippine showbiz in her heyday, her schedule was also expectedly hectic; couple that with the lack of alternative forms of education in the 1990s, it was not really surprising that she was not able to finish her studies.

Of course, many would say that Sunshine does not need to get a college degree and find work, anyway, as she is already rich! Also, her kids are in school and she’s already close to 40 years old!

But who said you can’t get a degree because of your age and those other circumstances? It’s still nice to complete a college education, after all.

So, Sunshine Cruz returned to school. She didn’t even have to attend her classes every day as there are now a lot of alternative programs available for people like her who are busy with their kids and their careers.

Under the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) of Arellano University, Sunshine was able to obtain a degree in AB Psychology.

Two days ago, Sunshine posted a photo of tickets to her graduation day and wrote in an Instagram post, “Tomorrow afternoon, I will be graduating too! I’ve always believed age is not a hindrance to finish college. Thank you Arellano University. Thank you ETEEAP program for making one of my dreams come true. #eteeap #bapsychology

Indeed, age does not matter in a lot of things, including completing one’s college degree!

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