Pilot Turns Plane Around So Couple Can See Their Dying Grandson

This story will surely restore your faith in humanity.

Netizens across the world have been praising a pilot who turned a passenger plane around before taking off so that a couple could see their dying grandson to say goodbye.

The couple from United Kingdom were on board the Etihad Airways on a flight from Manchester to Australia. Before the plane took off and as the passengers were told to turn their mobile phones off, they received a text message about the sad news. Their grandson was in the hospital’s intensive care and they needed to see him right away.


Crew members were notified about the situation who then informed the pilot. To everyone’s surprise – and to the couple’s delight – the plane turned around and they were told to unload their luggage They were even assisted back to the airport and their car was collected so they can make the trick back home.

Thanks to this quick-thinking pilot and kind crew members, the couple were able to see their grandson and bid farewell for him. The boy died the next day – the day the plane passengers were scheduled to arrive in Australia.

In an interview with The Independent, Becky Stephenson, the grandparents’ travel agent, said that while her clients wanted to remain anonymous, they are very grateful for what the airlines did for them.

Stephenson said:

“They are so happy. They never in a million years expected the crew to go so far for them.

You shudder to think what would have happened if they hadn’t been able to get off the plane.”

According to her post on Facebook, Etihad is also allowing the pair to re-use their tickets for Australia next time as they visit their relatives there.

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