Photos of Sleeping Baby on Santa’s Lap Will Melt Your Heart

Have you experienced waiting in line for hours just to have photos with Santa Claus?

This pretty much happened to me every year when I was a kid. My parents would bring me to malls where I get the opportunity to meet and have my photo taken with jolly old St. Nick. Waiting to greet Santa was one of the most awesome childhood moments that I’ll definitely let my kids experience.

One stay-at-home dad decided to follow the fantastic Christmas tradition by bringing his 6-month-old son Zeke to a mall to meet Santa Claus for the first time. Little did Donnie know that his little man would fall asleep while waiting for the old man.

But instead of waking up Zeke, Santa opted to give the napping baby a one-of-a-kind Christmas treat. Surprisingly, the jolly man in red took the sleeping baby in his arms, sat on his couch and staged an adorable holiday nap.

Donnie was able to capture the heartwarming moment and shared the adorable photos on Facebook. Since then, the photos have gone viral.

Take a look at Zeke’s adorable first encounter with Santa.

PHOTO CREDIT: Donnie Walters via The Daily Mail UK

PHOTO CREDIT: Donnie Walters via The Daily Mail UK

Who is Santa Claus?

The origin of the jolly old man in red can be traced back centuries ago to a monk named St. Nicholas. Born sometime around 280 A.D. in Turkey, St. Nicholas was admired for his kindness and piety. It is believed that he gave his inherited wealth and visited the countryside in order to help the poor and sick.

One famous story about St. Nicholas reveals that he rescued three sisters from being solved into slavery or prostitution by their father by coming up with a dowry so they could be married. St. Nicholas’, whose feast day is celebrated on December 6, the day of his death, is regarded as the protector of children and sailors.

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