Photo Shows that True Love Matters More Than Riches to Some Girls

A photo showing a woman leaning her head on the shoulder of a man as they sat at the back of a truck went viral, sparking a debate about love and money…

If you had the choice, what would you pick: love or money?

While many would say that this is a no-brainer because everyone would surely pick love, the reality is harsh because there are people who would say that but still choose money over love. We can’t blame them, of course, because sometimes it really boils down to finding ways to survive in this difficult world…

But stories of true love still warm the heart and make everyone wish they could find such love with their soulmates – whether that person is rich or poor!

Photo credit: The Socio Jukebox / Facebook

A couple sitting at the back of a truck, with what appears to be their belongings inside, sparked a debate about love and money.

This heartwarming image shows how some girls don’t need riches, just true love,” a blog wrote.

The photo was originally shared on The Socio Jukebox where it got a lot of reactions and comments from netizens.

Some girls don’t ask for castles. The shoulder is enough,” The Socio Jukebox captioned the photo.

A lot of netizens agreed with the post, commenting how they wished to find such a love. Because what happiness would riches bring if you don’t have love? Many said love in poverty is the truest form of love because you know being loved for who you are, not your money.

But many netizens disagreed, saying that photos like this romanticize poverty and makes a lot of ladies “settle for less”. Many believe that the woman could have been better off if she married “a man with ambition”.

What is “Romanticizing Poverty”?

Romanticizing poverty is the act of portraying poverty as a simple, happy life that is free from stress and complications. It leads many people to believe that poor people are happier than the rich.

Some sectors believe that it is not a good idea to romanticize poverty because this keeps people from working on their dreams and seeking a better life for themselves as well as their families…

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