Photo of Principal Holding Umbrella for Kid Under Pouring Rain Goes Viral

The photo of a principal holding an umbrella for a kid under the pouring rain goes viral. Many netizens are commenting how sweet it is for the principal to do this – and that at this time when a lot of parents aren’t feeling so good about teachers, this is a reminder that they are our children’s second parents!

Principal Goes Viral for Act of Kindness

During this time of pandemic when most students have to do online school because face-to-face classes have a high risk, a lot of parents are angry at teachers.

The parents blame the teachers for holding online classes but the teachers really have no choice but to follow the mandate of the government and the schools they are working for. In reality, the teachers are also having a hard time and are actually doing twice the work compared with the usual class arrangement.

Recently, a principal went viral for holding an umbrella for a kid under the pouring rain! The photo touched many people’s hearts, with the parent who took the photo encouraging other parents to be more compassionate to teachers and other school staff.

Tim Haywood was at his child’s school to pick up modules for the next week’s school work when he noticed the principal walking with a boy, holding out an umbrella for them both while trying his best to keep a gap between them for social distancing. Both were wearing masks.

As I drove into the pick-up line, I noticed our principal walking down the driveway with a boy and an umbrella. I figured this boy must have been in the educare program and Dr. Simmons was walking him to a car to be picked up,” Haywood wrote.

After he was done getting the pack, he saw the principal and the boy many blocks away, still walking.

Dr. Simmons was soaked from making sure the boy was dry under the umbrella while doing his best to keep a safe distance even though both were wearing masks. Friends, this is a leader,” Haywood wrote.

I gave Dr. Simmons a ride back to the school and he told me how proud he was of how hard his teachers, students and families worked this week. He was energized by teachers who have gone above and beyond to make this tough transition easier. He was excited for the day when his school will be full of students again.

It is great to hear that there really are so many teachers out there like Dr. Simmons who go out of their way, even literally, to help their students.

Please remember our educators in your prayers. They are juggling online classrooms, complaints from parents, homework and somehow still find the good in everything going on and the time to walk a single student home in the rain while soaking wet at 4:00 on a Friday,” Haywood added.

Teachers, you are special people. Thank you Dr. Simmons for that reminder and your example.

COVID Forces Online Classes

As COVID-19 continues to rage across the world, it forced online classes as governments are not willing to risk their citizens’ lives. However, since there are households unable to follow this due to lack of internet and gadgets, the schools have to provide other options for students.

Printed learning modules might be provided for parents to pick up or in special cases, the students might have to go to school but with extra protocols in place.