Photo of Disabled Parking Attendant Goes Viral

Life is not perfect for a parking attendant at the NepoMall Angeles City in the Philippines because he is not able to walk yet his disability did not stop him from finding an honest job which might be earning him just a couple of pesos but at least he is earning it through his own hardwork.

While there are many others like him who use their disability to constantly ask money from people outside churches or across the streets, this industrious guy works for his keep. Using a specially made tricycle he controls with his left hand, this guy helps guide cars using his right hand.

It is no wonder that this photo quickly went viral after it was posted on Top Gear Philippines’ Facebook page. Shared by Berna Perez-Cruz, the shot perfectly captured this guy as he was doing his job.

disabled parking attendant

Photo credit: Facebook-TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES/Berna Perez-Cruz

It was clearly heartwarming to see this handicapped person doing his best to earn money despite it being difficult for him to maneuver across the parking lot compared with the other parking attendants.

We certainly admire this guy for his hard work and determination. While other able-bodied guys choose the wrong direction and rob people or earn money through evil methods, there is this disabled guy who chose the right path even if it means working doubly hard so he could quickly attend to his customers’ needs.

We salute you, Manong Parking Attendant! We sure hope Top Gear Philippines could update us with your name…