Photo of Boy Studying Under a Streetlamp Goes Viral

While out walking in Calinan, a district in Davao City in the Philippines, netizen Brian Parantar noticed a young boy crouched at the side of the street. His things were scattered about on the street but he was not really in distress; instead, he was studying under the light of the streetlamp there!

Parantar could not help but express admiration over this child’s dedication to get his homework done, knowing that he is probably doing this because they had no electricity at home that could help him see his homework there; thus, he is doing this on the street.

Photo credit: Facebook - Trending News and Viral / Brian Parantar

Photo credit: Facebook – Trending News and Viral / Brian Parantar

Of course, such could be very dangerous for the young boy considering that small as he is, he might be easily missed by motorists who are certainly not expecting a child to be crouching so low on that pavement.

According to Parantar, he was touched by the young boy’s plight because other kids the boy’s age are certainly safe at home at that hour or enjoying playtime with their friends yet here is one child, diligently working on his assignment right by the side of the street where there is light.

Parantar couldn’t help but compare the boy with other kids who have complete school materials, a table and chair, and electricity at home yet find it hard to work on their assignments whereas this poor child was trying to cope with what he had and what the world was able to offer him in the form of that streetlamp.

With this, Parantar urges children across the country to make this boy as inspiration to study well and appreciate what they have because there are kids like this young boy who are less fortunate than they are…