Pet-Friendly Malaysian Starbucks Also Offers Delicious ‘Puppuccino’ for Your Dogs

A pet-friendly Malaysian Starbucks outlet is gaining much attention online for the delicious ‘puppuccino’ they offer for your dogs. You can now enjoy your family cup of coffee with your dogs, quite literally.

Malaysian Starbucks Offers Puppuccino

For many fur parents, their dogs are not just their pets and best friends but are also their babies. That’s why you can see a lot of people dressing up their dogs in fancy clothing and bringing these animals to public places, including restaurants.

Photo credit: Sushi the Corgi

Now, not all restaurants and public places allow dogs and other pets to enter, for various reasons. That is why places that actually do that often go viral because pet lovers share the good news with their friends.

Take for instance the fur parent of Sushi the Corgi who discovered a great Starbucks outlet in Malaysia that welcomes pets and even serves special puppuccino for these fur babies to enjoy. Priced at RM7 ($1.70), the drink might be just about the same price as the coffee shop’s other drinks but it is something that many pet owners truly appreciate.

Photo credit: Sushi the Corgi

The cup of sugar-free, low fat whipped cream is popular in many places, but Sushi’s fur parent doesn’t recommend giving this regularly to your pet.

We tried a bit of the whipped cream and it is actually quite sweet, so we don’t recommend feeding it to your pets frequently, maybe once in a while,” wrote Sushi’s fur parent.

Photo credit: Sushi the Corgi

The adorable corgi’s fur parent added that this pet-friendly Starbucks outlet can be found at The Square by Jaya One. Quite amazingly, the shopping mall is actually pet-friendly and even has 4 floors with pet-friendly zones. Aside from Starbucks, there are five other pet-friendly restaurants in this mall. Wow.

Photo credit: Sushi the Corgi

The fur parent of Sushi the Corgi explained that though pets are allowed, they can’t enter the Starbucks outlet and must stay in designated pet-friendly areas. Still, with the delicious puppuccino, we bet that Sushi isn’t complaining at all.

What’s a Puppuccino?

A puppuccino is actually just a cup of Starbucks whipped cream, so don’t be alarmed if pet lovers are giving this to their pets. There is no coffee or tea inside; thus, there is absolutely no caffeine in this delicious order.

A lot of Starbucks outlets actually give the puppuccino away as a freebie.