Penguins’ Synchronized Headbanging While Watching Yo-Yo Tricks Goes Viral

Have you watched Happy Feet? Do you remember how cute the penguins are when they move around at the same time? Well, we have something for you.

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? Three video clips posted on Twitter by a girl with a handle @ninayukisan on February 25 is being talked about.

In the video, a group of penguin at the Awashima Marine Park is shown mesmerized while watching a performer do a series of awesome yo-yo tricks in front of them. The video is currently going viral on Japanese social media.

As the performer does some yo-yo tricks, the penguins are so entranced and they all try to follow the yo-yo with their heads.

The synchronicity of the way the penguins move their heads altogether to the direction of the yo-yo gives an adorable factor to this cute video.

The 1-minute video was followed by another video with the presenter still doing some yo-yo tricks. The Penguins didn’t seem bored and are still following the yo-yo with heads. What an adorable feat!

After another 1-minute video, the Penguins still aren’t bored, can you imagine how entertained they are to stay entranced and mesmerized that way.

In the third video, the man doing the yo-yo tricks went to the other side of the glass panel where the penguins are. The penguins gladly followed the man, while their heads are still following the yoyo’s movements. Can’t help but notice how they seem like rappers trying to rap while walking. How cute!

Also works with finger

Another penguin video posted by a Twitter user @pollyaboyd shows how a penguin is desperate to follow a girls hand as she moves it around fast in front of a penguin.

These videos show how curious penguins are, and how cute they are when they follow something around.

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