Penguins Allowed to Go on ‘Field Trip’ in Closed Down Zoo, Video Goes Viral

Penguins were allowed to go on a ‘field trip’ in a closed down zoo in Chicago, Illinois, amid the COVID-19 lockdown. The sweet video goes viral, with many people hoping that all the other animals could also be free.

Humans Changed the Earth

Humans have truly changed the world though at times, for the worse. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the extent to which humans have tampered with nature. For example, in the weeks following the lockdown, pollution levels are significantly low in many areas.

What’s sad is that hundreds of starving monkeys in Thailand have resorted to raiding homes because the tourists who fed them everyday are no longer there. With no one to feed them, they raid the houses knowing that the presence of humans means food. They no longer knew how to find one in the jungle.

Penguins’ Field Trip

One good thing about the lockdown amid the pandemic is that there are facilities such as Shedd Aquarium that let some of the animals roam free. Of course, they can’t release all the animals or that would start another problem!

penguins field trip

Photo credit: Shedd Aquarium / NY Times

But the zoo recently released the cute video of some penguins going on a ‘field trip’ inside the facility. The curious penguins went to many places inside the zoo which was closed down to visitors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not surprisingly, though, the penguins spent more time at the fish exhibit in Amazon Rising. They are probably thinking about getting a taste of the yummy fish in that aquarium because they certainly hadn’t tried a bite of those black-barred silver dollars before! Yum!

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What are Penguins?

Penguins are a species of aquatic flightless birds known for being very good swimmers. Although different varieties have different markings, all penguins have white front and black back plumage that easily blend in with the environment they swim in.

Most penguins live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere; though the Galápagos penguin lives north of the equator.

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