Painful Revenge: Pranked GF Pepper-sprayed Toilet Paper!

Cenek was lucky his girlfriend forgave him for his cheating prank – but is he really lucky? Well, I think he is quite unlucky because she got her revenge in the most painful way possible.

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He played with her emotions when he pranked her into thinking he was cheating on her. That prank had quickly backfired when she broke his TV and walked out of the apartment, intending to leave him. He was later able to convince her to go back to the apartment and forgive her.

…but she did not forget – nor completely forgive him for that crazy prank. So, she brewed something painful. Instead of creating her own cheating prank or something emotionally painful, she went for the physical!

She gleefully soaked the toilet paper roll in pepper spray and waited for Cenek to use the bathroom. The next moments were crazy! He went out writhing and crawling while she laughed like a witch.

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