Overworked Uber Driver Dies after Weeks of Working Two Jobs Until 1AM Daily

The human body, no matter how healthy, needs at least 8 hours of sleep each day to be in tiptop shape and refreshed the following day but a lot of people abuse their bodies.

Sadly, in our drive to earn money and live a better life, we could be cutting our lives shorter instead!

Recently, an overworked driver died after weeks of working up to 1AM each day just so he could earn more money in his two jobs.

The driver was identified as Wang Yong Qing, single, who works as driver for both Uber and a private company in Singapore.

Photo credit: Independent UK

According to reports, the 60-year-old driver had picked up a passenger from Changi Airport when he began experiencing chest pains. He stopped the car and parked at the shoulder for safety, telling his passenger he needs to rest for a while as he was feeling unwell.

But the passenger soon realized that Qing might be experiencing a heart attack. The unnamed male passenger quickly called an ambulance but Qing died at Changi General Hospital.

His older brother Wang Yong Shun told reporters that even though he is single, Qing recently took on a second job as Uber driver.

Every morning, he goes to work as transport driver for a construction company, ferrying workers from one site to another. Instead of taking a rest after his shift ends at 5PM, however, Qing would then drive for Uber until 1AM.

The brothers live together. According to Shun, the two jobs had taken toll on his younger brother. Three weeks before his death, it was getting much harder to wake him up in the morning but Qing ignored the warning signs.

Sadly, the exhausting work load led to his untimely death even though he was previously in the pink of health…