Overweight Mom Addicted to Chocolates, Loses Weight Using Chocolate Shakes

Can you believe that one extremely overweight mom addicted to chocolates has lost weight using chocolate shakes?

Kerrie Kidman, 28, from Saffron Waldon, Essex in England was so addicted to chocolates that she couldn’t resist the treat; and no weight loss diets ever worked for her for years because she just couldn’t give up on her addiction.

Even as a kid, she was already overweight and was bullied by other kids because of it. Instead of trying to lose weight, however, she coped by eating her comfort food: chocolate. This only made her even bigger as the years passed.

By 18 years old, she was a size 12. She met her husband Ian who accepted her for who she is – with her chocolate addiction and excess weight. He didn’t mind that she continued to grow bigger over the years, ballooning to over twice her size in 10 years!

She ignored her weight and felt content about her life, especially because she loved chocolates so much but after some time, she realized she had to start dieting. But every time she tries one diet option, she fails because she just can’t ditch her chocolate addiction no matter how much she tried.

Each time the family goes on a holiday, she makes excuses not to go on rides in amusement parks.

Last year, she weighed a whopping 113 kg (250 lbs) and was a size 30, her biggest ever. In August, they went to a theme park and her son Preslee was quite desperate for his mom to join him in the new coaster ride while her daughter Rihanna rode with Ian.

She finally agreed to ride but was only humiliated because no matter how hard the ride assistant tried to help, she just couldn’t fit in the seats. It was the wakeup call she needed – but how to lose weight if she loves chocolates?

It was quite lucky that she heard of the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) meal replacement diet that offers chocolate shakes. She immediately jumped in. On her first month, she replaced all her meals with the chocolate shake – and lost 5 lbs in the first week. She continued losing around 4 lbs a week in the months to come.

Considering I hadn’t given up my chocolate, I was thrilled, and I knew then this had a real chance of working,” Kerrie revealed.

Today, Kerrie weighs 57 kg (126 lbs) and is the ideal size for her height and age.

She was quite thrilled to have finally achieved her weight goals despite not giving up on her chocolate addiction.