Online Shopping…An Excellent Choice for the Busy Pinoy

The advent of computers and the internet has brought a lot of changes to the modern world, with a major impact on the way we live. In this day and age, it is virtually impossible to live without these two amazing technologies.

These two have also given rise to online shopping; something that has been available for ages in the US and other developed countries but has only gained traction in the Philippines in recent years. To date, many Filipinos are still skeptical about online shopping; choosing to buy goods in mortar and brick stores where they can personally check out the goods.


But did you know that you can actually save time and money by shopping online? Here’s how:

No need to leave your home

With online shopping, you can shop anytime, anywhere. So, there is no need for you to spend extra money on taxi fares or allocate an entire day just to buy some goods.

More time to do other things that matter

Because you do not really have to spend a lot of time getting to and from the shopping mall as well as browsing through the stores, you will have more time to do the things that matter more. You can have better time with your kids and your partner because shopping does not take up most of your time.


Did you know you can even orders groceries online aside from clothes and gadgets? Cool, isn’t it?

Easy to shop

It is easier to shop online because your options are just a click away. Online stores provide you with several categories to choose from, with search options for specific items just in case you already know what it is you are looking for.

If you are not yet sure what to buy, there are also plenty of shopping guides and product suggestions to choose from. It really is so easy to shop online.


Moreover, online stores now offer lots of payment options. You can pay through credit card or directly from your ATM/debit cards. Some shops even offer cash on delivery – something I actually prefer.

Lots of alternatives in one place

One thing I really love about shopping online is that you can do your shopping in one place. Think of it as a mall with all the right stores in one. Like physical stores, you can find plenty of goods ranging from electronics to apparel and jewelry to power tools to furniture to food to just about everything available on the planet.

Now, if you were shopping in one particular store, for example, can you find all these goods in one place? Well, you might say “yes, of course!” That might hold true for some stores but, tell me, if this physical store did not have the item you need, how easy is it to go to another store to find it?


By shopping online, this is easily solved. If you don’t find something in one online mall you visit, finding it in another “mall” could be as fast as a few seconds later.

Plus, you do not have to take the long queue to the cashier, especially during payday, because ordering online can be done in a matter of seconds.

Discounts are everywhere

Bargains and discounts are not just available in physical stores but in their online counterparts as well. Plus, it is easier for you to choose, for example, to view only the discounted items just by ticking on the box.

Shopping on a budget

Also, you can easily find items within your budget range. How is this possible? Well, you can set the search items within a specific range so that it would only display items within your budget. This way, you can go shopping without having to worry about overshooting your budget.


Plus, the online shopping cart automatically calculates your total invoice, so you will immediately know if you have already reached your quota or still have plenty of extra money to buy more items from the store.