Old Man Sells Past Midnight Because No One Bought Any Food the Entire Day

It is said that doing business instead of working for someone else is better because you own your time and could even bring you more money than a regular job. However, this is not always the case because businesses fail – and you have to have customers to actually earn money in your business.

Netizen Saharat Yean was passing by near the Wat Bua Temple in Ubon Ratchathan, Thailand when he noticed an old man still selling at his stall. It was midnight and there were very few people around to possibly buy from the old man, yet he was there with the lights on and still selling the goods.

Curious why the old man was still selling when it was really so late, Saharat parked his car and went to check.

I saw a light of a store that was still on at the dark corner of the temple. There, stood an elderly man who’s operating the cart. He was sitting by his meatball shop and was awaiting customers to buy his items. So I walked up to him,” Saharat shared on his Facebook account.

Photo credit: Saharat Yean / Facebook

When Saharat asked why his store was still open, the old man admitted that he was waiting for customers because he still had some food left and his items were not selling well.

Saharat: “What is there left for me to buy?”

Vendor: “There are still meatballs and steam squid left.”

But when he opened the pot, Saharat was surprised that it was still nearly full! No one bought from him that day, but the old man was determined to still find customers even late in the night because he knew he needs the money for food and other expenses.

While the old man was selling a serving for 20 baht ($0.66), Saharat knew he needed so much more than that – unless there’s still a chance he gets more customers, considering it was past midnight. So, the kindhearted netizen bought 200 baht ($6.60) worth of the meatballs. He didn’t need that much food, but it was a big help for this old man.

Photo credit: Saharat Yean / Facebook

Saharat’s good deed opened doors for the old man as netizens asked how they could help him and where they could find his food shop. He shared that it is just outside the Wat Bua Temple in Ubon Ratchathan – and many netizens promised to help! Faith in humanity restored…

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