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Old-looking Newborn Rejected by Parents, Being Fed Goat’s Milk by Grandpa

Old-looking Newborn Rejected by Parents, Being Fed Goat’s Milk by Grandpa

One baby born in a village in Maharashtra, western India looked so different from most babies that no one wanted to hold her as they were afraid to catch whatever disease it was that afflicted her. Still without a name, the unfortunate child looked so weird that even her own parents shunned her in fear.

Her father Ajay Dode and mother Mamata Dode, both 25 years old, were so ashamed of having given birth to this old-looking odd baby that they abandoned her to die. It was a good thing that Ajay’s father, 50-year-old Dilip Dode decided to step in and save the child.

Photo credit: Mirror UK/Shariq Allaqaband
Photo credit: Mirror UK/Shariq Allaqaband

Poor as he is, Dilip could only afford to feed the baby with goat’s milk but said he would do anything to save this child, no matter how ugly she looks because it was not her fault that she looks this way and she is a beautiful angel nonetheless.

After two weeks of spoon-feeding the baby with goat’s milk, the kind-hearted grandpa finally took the baby to a hospital in Mumbai, India located 138 kilometers from their home. There, doctors quickly provided intravenous fluids for the child who was so severely dehydrated that she wouldn’t have made it if she was brought a few days later.

Old-looking Newborn Rejected by Parents, Being Fed Goat’s Milk by Grandpa
Photo credit: Mirror UK/Shariq Allaqaband

The infant was given a temporary diagnosis of possible chromosomal abnormality and Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) while doctors are still performing tests to answer a lot of questions regarding this little angel’s appearance. It is also likely that the baby is suffering from progeria.


Babies or children who manifest premature signs of aging could possibly be suffering from progeria, a condition so rare that it only occurs in around 1 per 8 million live births.

The condition is caused by a gene mutation while the child is developing in the womb. Right now, it is unknown whether progeria can be inherited as most patients do not live long enough to have children of their own.

Although the child can be diagnosed using his/her physical features, gene tests are also carried out to confirm the diagnosis.

Right now, there is no cure for the condition; thus, most sufferers do not live longer than 13 years old.

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